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The policy of managing the sector concerning human resources of Comind has always been based on the consciousness of the belief that the success of the factory derives from hard working and from all the qualities of people who are a part of the factory it self.

By unifying all the proficiencies, challenges imposed by the market can be taken on, this is the reason why our group is considered an vanguard one regarding HR. 

Our values are:

  • Organization and coordination;
  • Training;
  • Well defined development plans on a short and long term;
  • Evaluation and processing necessary for the company profile.                                                                          

Our goals are:

  • Collocating the right person in the right place;
  • Improving the quality of our communication;
  • Promoting the involvement of people.

Send you CV if you are:

  1. graduated;
  2. have a degree;
  3. don’t have a degree;
  4. restricted categories;

Registered office
Via di valle Lupara n° 10 - 00148 - Roma
Productive Plant 1
SP 246 Zona Industriale di Alife, 81011 Alife , CE,  Italy
Tel. PBX: 0823 788867 | 0823 783172
Fax 0823 787382
Productive Plant 2
Via Torrione n. 1, 81011 Alife , CE, Italy
Tel. 0823 783547 Fax 0823 783547